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Fashion Open Studio X Cecily Ophelia at 'House of Bandits'!

December 4th, 12:00AM - 15:00PM Bringing Sarabande to the artistic forefront, the Sarabande pop-up store 'House of Bandits' will serve as the central hub for Sarabande artists for 3 glorious months. The store and gallery space will sell work by a range of the 100 artists and designers that the Foundation has supported to date. The name itself was created by Foundation ambassador, journalist Tim Blanks who coined the term ‘Sarabandits’ for the Foundation’s ‘renegade’ alumni. Join Cecily Ophelia at House of Bandits for the screening of a short film exploring her practice and craft community in Kampala, Uganda. Cecily will be at House of Bandits to discuss the film and share her special insight into the making processes behind her meticulously hand-crafted pieces. The designer will also be demonstrating...

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