Cecily Ophelia specialises in one-of-a-kind, handcrafted clothing and accessories following a slow, seasonless and sustainable philosophy. Each piece has been carefully tailored using vintage and recycled fabrics only.

CECILY X KAMUMS pieces have been embroidered by hand by Kanyogoga Mums, a group of amazing craftswomen based in the Kanyogoga district of Kampala. Cecily has been working with Kanyogoga Mums since 2017. See 'News" for regular blog posts and updates.


Challenging the rooted conception of ‘luxury fashion’ and ‘Made-in-Africa’ into new and unexpected contexts, we use locally-sourced natural or recycled materials which are intricately and innovatively embellished into each of our pieces. 


                                              WHY DO WE WORK WITH ARTISANS IN UGANDA?

We often get asked why we started working with artisans in Uganda, which can be a difficult question when, apart from anything else, it is something that feels so instinctive. There are endless reasons why we do what we do, but below we have complied a few of the main ones:

-Born out of a genuine appreciation of East African craft and aesthetic culture

-To give a voice to these extremely gifted artisans, which might not otherwise be heard. Our artisans are also our friends, our fellow creators and our designers. This is something we do together and they are integral to what we do. We feel strongly about the re-humanisation of the supply chain, which has been so severely dehumanised by the majority of the fashion industry.

-Help to redirect the often overlooked narrative of 'Made-in-Africa', giving it the place it deserves within the global ‘Fashion’ industry.

-Create a bridge between African influences and western aesthetics and use this as an opportunity to inform and educate.