Our Artisans

Honouring, respecting and showcasing the people that produce our work is of the utmost importance to us because ultimately, we are be benefitting from their incredible skillset.

Our artisans are not simply a cog in our supply chain. They are co-creators. They have their own creative expression which is valued and incorporated into the design process to help us develop our products. In this way we collaborate with our artisans not only though the making process, but also in the design.

An example of this is our face motif found on the Jessica, Prossy, and Harriet Bags. Have you noticed how each face is different? That's because the faces are self-portraits of our makers. Each artisan has imbued the design with their own personality and character. It is this cultural equity born from respect and admiration, that helps to make Cecily Ophelia pieces wholly unique.

We believe in giving our artisans the respect they deserve for the enormous part that they play in the process. This includes giving them their own platform, not speaking for them. Rather, an equal platform for honouring everyone in the supply chain, where the designer is equal to the farmer, the weaver, the maker, on all of our communications.


 Jessica Kugumikirize

Jessica is our head artisan and core member of Kanyogoga Mums. Jessica is one of the founding members of Kanyogoga Mums and takes a managerial role, connecting and communicating with the artisans on a daily basis. Jessica is a natural teacher, and is the first to help anyone if they are having any technical difficulties with their work. She also leads a community children's choir for which she writes and composes the music herself! Our 'Jessica Bag' is made in her honour! 

Harriet Sanyu

Harriet is one of our five main artisans and core member of Kanyogoga Mums. She is always keen to take on any challenge, no matter how big and she is never without a smile! Thank you Harriet for always bringing the sunshine with you! The 'Harriet Bag' is named in her honour, and designed with her favourite colours. Harriet is also a part time teacher at a local primary school.

Margret Kawala

Margret is one of our five main artisans and core member of Kanyogoga Mums. She is an extremely talented craftswoman and super speedy at beadwork, without ever compromising on precision. Margret is also a tailor, which is where she gets her eye for detail and finish.

Kirize Namukiza

Kirize is one of our five main artisans and core member of Kanyogoga Mums. Kirize is very dedicated to her craft and extremely hard working. Kirize has a beautiful garden in the Namuwongo district of Kampala which is where Kanyogoga Mums come together. On top of being a single mother of four boys, Kirize also has her own salon in the garden, where she does hair and nails for the local community.

Molly Matilda Akello

Molly is one of our five main artisans and core member of Kanyogoga Mums. Molly is the comedian of the group and we can always rely on her to bring the energy. She is also a very skilled craftswoman and thoroughly enjoys the design part of the process. Molly lives next door to Kirize with her daughter, and is also a part time teacher.


For more information on our artisans and to see their work in action, visit our socials! 

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